Tuesday, October 28, 2008

all i want for christmas is...

a few days off, a tank full of gas, a few good friends, a few substances to abuse, some instruments to play and the open road.

I miss exploring LA. i miss the city. I miss being a dumbass kid who thought she could get away with anything (and for the most part did). I miss lying in the back of his convertible with my feet up and my eyes closed, trying to think as little and feel as much as possible. i miss the days when no music was too loud, no distance was too far, no risk too big.

I miss oblivion. I miss not giving a fuck. It's something that I realize I'll never genuinely feel again. but sometimes when the weather's just right, if i close my eyes and lie in the sun and the right song comes on my ipod i can pretend i'm young again, because i'm never too old to pretend.

i wrote a poem about him in class today. it goes:

sit me on your lap
push me to the floor
bold and craven from your body
i'm hungry at your feet.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A quick rant about discussions in political science classes

What about them? Simply put, I can't stand them. Yeah, it all sounds good in theory, "We're going to foster discussion and debate and hash out our ideas with open minds so we can rethink them and eventually come to more balanced and educated opinions on matters of worldly importance!" YEAH, what could be better, right?!!

Oh wait, except it doesn't really work that way. Instead what ends up happening is a bunch of ill-informed dicks prattle on for what seems like endless hours in subjects they have no authority in and pointlessly argue with each other, trying to prove who knows the most, while I sit there and think about what a waste of time this is, all the while reinforcing for me one of the many reasons I almost never go to class. I go to class to LEARN, preferably from someone like, I dunno, my PROFESSOR, who has like 20 years experience working for the CIA, rather than some random fuckbag who thinks he's qualified to talk about the decline of the US as a superpower just because he passed Poli Sci 101 and read Ch. 1 of the assigned book.

Why come to class if all you're interested in is proving what you already know?? Why not instead just shut the hell up and try to learn something from people that are a lot more well-read and well-versed than you? Or at least just shut the hell up and let ME listen, so that in the future when I talk about something I won't have to sound like a condescending dumbass.

God, I hate people.