Friday, March 7, 2008

All your pain will end here, let the doctor soothe your brain, dear

so, it's tuesday of the dreaded 10TH WEEK, aka the week before finals, aka hell week, aka week of no sleep.

my insomnia has not gotten any better, i still find it impossible to go to bed before 5am even when i'm completely exhausted (but not sleepy). if the sun didn't start coming up around 5 i probably still wouldn't be able to sleep. i've looked up something called Delayed Sleep phase Sysdrome... it matches up perfectly with my behavior. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do about it but just try to get through this week. last weekend was a great week for partying but i actually have to focus for the first time all quarter, haha. hopefully my grades will come out decent. it's surprisingly looking okay so far, it's still possible I can get a 4.0 this quarter. it never manages to stun me how much laziness i can get away with, even after all these years.

i'm still looking for a way, any way, to quit my unholy job at the godforsaken bookstore and still make money. if anyone know any brothels in la jolla, holla!

my classes for next quarter!!:
- Fundamental Concepts/Modrn Bio
- Rome,Christianity&Middle Ages
- Politics and Policymaking in LA
- International Politics and Drug
- Advanced Ceramics
i'm so excited! bummer is that pilates filled up before i could sign up, but oh well, until next quarter. all that was left was something called pilates booty ballet, and I think I'll pass on that one.

Depressing stuff aside, here's some runway/ads for some mostly spring/summer '08 collections that i really liked, just for some eye candy (there's a lot!).

prada, which as been decorating my screensaver/background for a month already <3 id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5176731824001543074" style="" alt="" src="" border="0">

oleksiy zalevsky(those crazy ukranians)

ana sui <3>



edwing d'angelo

china fashion week

from fall but i love it, azzedine alaia


Behnaz Sarafpour

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Temperley London
Karen Walker

some quotes from last weekend i managed to jot down before sobriety kicked in:

"ew, monster is nasty. fuck that, i'll chase this monster down with some vodka!"

"i hear their periods attract bears! now you're putting the whole station in danger!!"
dave with drunk alisha on his back: "PREGNANT LADY COMING THROUGH!"
drunk alisha: "shut up, bitch!"
dave: "i'm not the bitch who just gave birth, bitch!"

"diarrhea of the mouth"
"conjunction junction, what's your function? the sperm goes in and the baby comes out!"

hehe, a lot funnier when we were drunk.
so i have found a new heroine (of sorts) -- emily haines. i've never really looked up to any woman in music or entertainment before, but this woman is the epitome of effortless cool. she is so honest, so humble, and so talented. i have liked metric for a really long time, when I first discovered them on the open road to vegas while the sun was setting, what seems like a lifetime ago... M.A.G.I.C. what i love about metric is that their albums encompass such a wide variety of genres and mood, and they do it SO well.

i've been in a rather mellow mood for music lately, so haine's solo stuff and old metric material (that was recorded in 01 but not released until last year) is striking the mood very well... she is so subtle. watch the video.. haunting.

til next time...

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